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Fakultät Humanwissenschaften und Theologie

Col. Bangkit Widodo, M.A.

Foto von Bangkit Widodo © Bangkit Widodo​/​privat

Vita (Auswahl)

2013: Master of International Relations, Webster University


Promotionsvorhaben mit dem Arbeitstitel: “The Dynamics of Civil–Military Relations: Above Politics? The Evolution and Variation of Political Neutrality of the Military in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia”. Doktorvater Prof. Dr. Christoph Schuck.


Widodo, Bangkit, Indonesia’s Peacekeeping Missions within the “Independent and Active Foreign Policy”, In: Heise, M./ Rucktäschel, K. (Hrsg.): Indonesia's Search for Democracy – Political, Economic, and Social Developments, Baden-Baden 2013 (Nomos), pp. 143-162.