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Dr. Dick Timmer

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Telefon (+49)231 755-6213

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Emil-Figge-Straße 50
44227 Dortmund

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Dick Timmer (*1993) is an Assistant Professor (wissenschaftlicher Beschäftigter, fixed-term) at TU Dortmund. His research is in moral and political philosophy. He focusses on distributive justice, economic ethics, climate change, responsibility, activism, state neutrality, and moral status, among other things. He is also interested in meta-oriented questions about methods and arguments in normative philosophy.

Before joining the Department of Philosophy and Political Science in Dortmund, Timmer completed a PhD at Utrecht University. He wrote his thesis, titled “Thresholds and Limits in Theories of Distributive Justice”, as a member of the ERC Fair Limits project and under the supervision of prof. dr. Ingrid Robeyns. Before that, he studied philosophy, theology, and religious studies at Utrecht University, and as a visiting student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Protestant Theological University.


Political philosophy, ethics, distributive justice, climate ethics, non-ideal theory, limitarianism.


  • Accepted | “The sufficiency theory of justice and the allocation of health resources.” In Bioethics.