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Workshop: Empathy and its Limits

Workshop Empathy and its Limits (30.09.-1.10.2021, TU Dortmund)

Although empathy has received much attention over the past decades, there is still disagreement about what empathy is and how it can be distinguished from other mental phenomena such as sympathy, compassion, or contagion. In light of this, the aim of this workshop is to gain clarity on the concept of empathy.

Speakers and topics (preliminary titles)

  • Monika Betzler (LMU Munich): Shared Belief and the Limits of Empathy
  • Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg University): Empathy, Group Identity, and the Mechanisms of Exclusion
  • Julia Langkau (Europa-Universität Flensburg): On Imagining Being Someone Else
  • Edward A. Lenzo (University of Memphis): Method and Madness: The Limits of Empathy in Philosophical Psychopathology
  • Heidi L. Maibom (University of Cincinnati): A Feeling Understanding
  • Hannah Read (Duke University): A Multi-Dimensional Model of Empathy, its Limits, and Potential
  • Jan Slaby (Free University Berlin): The Empathy Conundrum: Why Critique Is Not Enough
  • Tue Emil Öhler Søvsø (Free University and Humboldt University Berlin): Empathic Understanding and Emotional Bonds – A Stoic Approach to Empathy
  • Jessica Struchhold (TU Dortmund): A Call to Care
  • Elizabeth Ventham (University of Liverpool): Affective Empathy and its Success Conditions


The complete schedule as well as the abstracts and CVs of all speakers can be found here.


Unfortunately, the epidemic situation makes it impossible to hold an on-site event. The workshop will take place online via Zoom. If you are interested in participating, please register via mail to
paul.klurtu-dortmundde until 23/09/2021.


The workshop will be organized by Jessica Struchhold, Eva Schmidt and Simon Wimmer.