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Call for registration: Understanding others factively conference

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Call for registration: Understanding others factively conference
22-24 March 2022 (10am-6:45pm CET on 22nd and 23rd, 10am-1pm CET on 24th)
Department of Philosophy and Political Science, TU Dortmund


* Maria Alvarez (KCL)
* Joe Cunningham (Nottingham)
* Pierre Jacob (Jean Nicod)
* Anna Krämer (Salzburg)
* Jennifer Nagel (Toronto)
* Jonathan Philips (Dartmouth)
* Franziska Poprawe (Zürich)
* Johannes Roessler (Warwick)
* Laurie Santos (Harvard)
* Brent Strickland (Jean Nicod)
* Julia Wolf (Bochum)


The claim that we (sometimes) explain others’ behaviour by appeal to
factive mental states—or facts that agents are aware of —has recently
garnered significant attention in epistemology, philosophy of action,
and cognitive science research on social cognition and mindreading. But
how exactly such explanations work, what their advantages might be over
a more traditional belief-desire model of explanation, and especially
how the perspectives of epistemology, philosophy of action, and
cognitive science fit together, has not been sufficiently discussed.
This workshop aims to fill this gap and thereby lay the groundwork for
future interdisciplinary collaborations on this topic.

Some of the questions to be discussed are:
* Is factive action explanation developmentally prior to, or simpler
than, non-factive action explanation?
* How does this style of action explanation interact with
perspective-taking (or more generally, ways of explanation that involve
stepping into another agent’s shoes)?
* How should we conceive of the factive attitudes, for instance
knowledge, involved in such explanations? Which kinds of attitudes do
such explanations plausibly appeal to?
* Can a (factual) understanding of motivating and other reasons from the
philosophy of action throw light on social cognition with factive mental

Details of the programme will follow.


* This is a hybrid event. Registration is only possible for online
attendance. Instructions and access information will be sent to
registered participants on 21 March 2022.
* Please register by sending an e-mail with subject header
"Registration" to Paul Klur (paul.klurtu-dortmundde).
* The deadline for registrations is Sunday 20 March 2022.
* Organisation: Paul Klur, Eva Schmidt, Jessica Struchhold, and Simon
* If you have any queries, send an e-mail to paul.klurtu-dortmundde