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Doktorandenworkshop: Writing for Journals – Publishing in Journals (5. Oktober 2021)

Doktorandenworkshop “Writing for Journals – Publishing in Journals”

With David Ebrey (Humboldt University, Berlin)

Date and time: October 5, 2021, 13:00 - 17:30


Location: We aim for a face-to-face workshop at TU Dortmund. Depending on the pandemic situation, we may move to a hybrid or fully online format. We will keep registered participants posted about the details.

Registration: To register, send an email to Eva Schmidt at eva.schmidt@tu-dortmund.de by September 28, 2021.

Language: English

Participants: The workshop is intended for doctoral students, postdocs, and advanced master’s students of the UA Ruhr (TU Dortmund, RUB, Duisburg-Essen).

The workshop will focus on two topics: (1) how to approach the publishing process with philosophy journals; (2) how to write a philosophy paper for a journal.

The workshop will kick off a new workshop series for doctoral students in philosophy and neighboring disciplines. The next workshop – on self-organization during the PhD – will take place in the spring of 2022. The series is organized by Ronja Hildebrandt, Eva Schmidt, and Jessica Struchhold.


Workshop Description

The goal of the workshop will be to think through how to publish articles in good, English-language philosophy journals. I will discuss basic topics that are important for all writing, such as how to think about your audience, how to structure your arguments to be persuasive, and how to introduce your thesis. I will also discuss topics specific to journal submissions, including how to understand the norms of your sub-discipline.

After a general overview of the topics that you should keep in mind, we will consider concrete cases. Please let me know ahead of time some of the top journals in your field--the sort you would aspire to publish in. Ideally, we would also consider and discuss some papers that you are interested in submitting to journals (no matter how rough!). If you do not have any such papers, we could also discuss something that you have written for some other purpose. A third possibility is to discuss some published paper in your field that you admire, discussing what works well and what does not work as well in the paper. My goal is that you leave with the tools needed to structure an article for a top journal. There are reasons why philosophy articles are structured in the way that they are. Understanding these reasons can also help us improve as philosophers.


Please send the following to ebreydav@hu-berlin.de until the 28th of September 2021:

- suggestions for journals you aspire to publish in

- a paper you would like to discuss (either your own or a paper in your field that you admire)